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Should You Use a Bond Originator When Buying Property in the Western Cape?

Getting a good home loan without a bond originator can be tricky. All that paperwork and travelling from bank to bank in search of fair interest rates is enough to leave anyone feeling drained. But that’s precisely why bond originators exist. So, should you use a bond originator or not when buying property in the Western Cape?

First Things First: What Does a Bond Originator Do?

  • A bond originator assists home loan applicants in compiling their paperwork and submitting it to banks on their behalf. 
  • Bond originators compare offers from various banks to ensure the applicant gets the best deal on their bond. 
  • Since the bank pays a commission to the bond originator when the deal goes through, their services are free to you as the applicant.

Why You Should Use a Bond Originator

Here are the top reasons you should consider using a bond originator when purchasing property. 

1. Convenience

Instead of running around from bank to bank with piles and piles of paperwork, you can use a bond originator to do it all in one shot. They help you with the paperwork and submit it to different banks on your behalf.

2. Competition

Using a bond originator indicates to each bank that other lenders compete for your home loan business. This encourages them to make their best offer regarding the interest rate and terms applicable to your bond right away.

3. Cost

Bank originators are paid a commission by the bank on the loans they settle, meaning that their services are free to use! 

4. Care

Bond originator consultants have good relationships with banks and can often negotiate a competitive rate since it’s in the bank’s best interest to work closely with them. The consultant’s expertise in the home loan industry will also help you make informed decisions, giving you confidence throughout the entire process.

Why Wait?

Contact a bond originator today for a bigger chance of getting approved for a home loan. If you need any help buying or selling property in the Western Cape, look no further than our Real Estate Experts at Tyson Properties.

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