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5 Tips for Relocating to a New Neighbourhood in the Western Cape 

You’ve found your dream home, but now you need some tips for relocating to that new neighbourhood! We know how daunting relocating to a new neighbourhood can be, especially in a new province! Here are some tips on relocating to that new neighbourhood in the Western Cape.

5 Tips for Relocating to a New Neighbourhood

You need to pay attention to five things as soon as you’ve moved into your new neighbourhood.

1. Get Your Home up and Running 

Make appointments to get your TV or WiFi working as soon as possible, make sure you’ve paid all your bills, and note down any local emergency numbers you might need. 

2. Live Like a Local 

Venture out of your house to seek out the local staples, like the grocery and hardware stores. Roughly measure the distance or time it takes you to get there from home and find the best routes that work for you. Get acquainted with the barista at the local coffee shop and chat to your grocer, as these friendly faces will make you feel welcome in the neighbourhood quickly. 

3. Meet the Neighbours

Don’t be the newbie who doesn’t meet and greet the neighbours. Instead, head over to your neighbour’s front door to introduce yourself. Who knows? Your new best friend may be waiting for you right next door. It’s also an excellent idea for your own safety and convenience to have your neighbours on speed dial. 

4. Connect to the Community 

You’ll find that most neighbourhoods in the Western Cape have Facebook or WhatsApp groups to keep you connected and up to date with what’s happening. Find them, join them, and introduce yourself. These groups are very useful for asking questions, seeking service recommendations, and finding out about local events. 

5. Invite Guests

As soon as you’ve discovered your favourite local spots, why not invite guests to join you on your excursions? Or, better yet, invite some people over to your new home. This will show others that you want to integrate into the community and get to know them. 

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