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At Tyson Properties we have a set of values that guide our internal conduct as well as our relationships. They are the foundation on which we perform and conduct ourselves. Most importantly we believe that people matter and that everyone is important – we care about our clients, our employees, our agents and our community.

SALT’s response to the challenges at hand is to stand in the gap to provide food security and access to quality education and health services. They believe in building close relationships with local communities to partner in identifying areas of vulnerability and achieving obtainable solutions.

In supporting our local communities we have set up a program whereby for every sale and rental achieved at each of our Western Cape franchises a portion of the commission is donated to a charity of choice. SALT is supported by our Atlantic Seaboard branch. Over 10 years this could amount to around R1.5M contribution to these charities.


A large portion of South African learners do not have access to quality foundation education. This in turn impacts on the learner’s primary and secondary education. Additionally, research has shown that the average grade 1 student has 44% chance of reaching matric in the correct time, and once getting to matric will only have 14% chance of being qualified to enter into university. SALT believes that dramatic social change is centred on education. SALT has come alongside grass-root level ECD centres and high school students to provide life-changing opportunities.

SALT partners with local Early Childhood Development Centers and pre-schools.

Early Childhood Development Centre

Only 43% of children under 5 are exposed to an Early Childhood Development programme, whether at home or at a center. This has detrimental effects on the child’s development and on their primary school school-readiness. SALT partners with local Early Childhood Development Centers and pre-schools. They assist with educational support, training of education staff, classroom resources and facilities, daily meals and more.

Zusakhe Educare in Dunoon is a model school that SALT has partnered with since 2002. The early childhood development center now runs at a higher level of education, with an improved facility and qualified teachers overseeing the daily running of the school.

Success: SALT has assisted 6 teachers in achieving their National Diploma: Educare (N4 and N5 certificates), implemented a performance based incentive Programme for teachers, the standards of education has been revitalized and improvement in knowledge, through artwork, has been noticed in the young learners.

Senior students (Grade 10-12) benefit from Saturday tutor workshops and a weekly homework centre.

Finishing Strong

Forty-nine percent of all learners who start Grade 1 drop out of school before reaching Grade 12. SALT aims to break this trend by providing financial, motivational, and educational support to students who are striving to complete high school in the Dunoon/Milnerton area.

“Financial support is key”

The key pillar of our program is extra educational support. Senior students (Grade 10-12) benefit from Saturday tutor workshops and a weekly homework centre. Financial support is key in equipping students with the right tools and resources, including school uniforms, stationery, access to internet/textbooks.

School Feeding

To think that one child would go to school hungry every day is heartbreaking to know that thousands do every day is an injustice.

“Government does not accommodate school feeding programs.”

Teachers are concerned about the fact that they are seeing an increase in the number of children coming to school either not having had a breakfast and no lunch packed for the day. This is due to poverty in the home. Many of these schools fall into areas where Government does not accommodate school feeding programs.

Statistics confirm that malnourished children perform at a lower level than children who have 3 balanced meals a day. Malnutrition also affects the emotional health of a child and can suffer from depression as adults as a direct result.

SALT provides breakfast and lunch to several primary schools.

Vulnerable Families

The Isidima project centers on SALT assisting women and vulnerable children in SALT’s surrounding community. Our target clients are senior women, vulnerable children, safety parents, high health-risk women and vulnerable women. Our casework therefore varies between providing support to a safety mother to intervening where there is an at-risk child who is in need of health or social intervention.

There is an assessment-based interview with each of the clients following which various interventions will be put in place. Information workshops have recently been launched (mainly centered around health and safety) as well as small Pay-it-forward programs.

Success: SALT has had much success in supporting many safety moms, intervening with severe at-risk children, and supported people in receiving qualifications and job/internship placements.

To get make a donation or become a volunteer, please visit: https://saltprojects.org.za/

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