Catching up with Nick Pearson

Catching up with Nick Pearson | Let's Talk Cape Town | Tyson Properties

I look back and reflect over a year that I will never forget. As a company we have grown in a very tough market, it is in fact the first time in my professional career I have experienced a market like this. Navigating a business through this market has taught me so much. One of the stand out features has been to see how the agents don’t become despondent and rally together to encourage and soldier on. Even the agents from different companies that we regard as our strongest competitors have offered words of encouragement and hope. The industry has rallied together something that I have never seen happen before.

“my greatest pleasure was witnessing the rise of a young single mother”

The biggest joy and satisfaction I get from working in this industry is to see young leaders rise. This has been the year where we have seen the young guns take over. Our Atlantic Seaboard rental division concluded 36 leases last month including a record breaking R250,000 per month lease done by a 24 year old and a 25 year old. We opened an office on the Western Seaboard early this year which, as a company, has the 2nd biggest market share in the area. The office is run by an extraordinarily young lady who is only 27 years old. We also have the 1st ever double diamond achieving agent in the history of our company, he is 25 years old. So the future of real estate is looking very bright from our point of view! However great these achievements are, my greatest pleasure was witnessing the rise of a young single mother from the Cape Flats go from being our receptionist to one of our top rental agents on the Atlantic Seaboard.

These incredible achievements have inspired me throughout this year giving me hope and belief that our goal to set a new example in the real estate industry is a cause I am grateful to be part of and one I will see into fruition.

“going above and beyond”

As we head into 2019, I know we are going to build on a solid foundation that we have set for ourselves. As we have grown significantly since our inception in the Western Cape, our focus is to continue to work hard on creating a unique culture, which is what I truly believe sets us apart. We strive to create a warm, family environment within every one of our offices, as well as impressing on our staff the importance of working as a team and going above and beyond when meeting our clients’ expectations.

We are extremely excited and grateful to be in the position to launch our brand into the Southern Suburbs and are looking at an opening date of the 1st May 2019. I am sure if you live in the area you have already noticed some of our boards going up.

I am optimistic about the year ahead. Not to underplay any of the challenges that we are faced with as a nation, but my optimism comes from knowing what incredible people we have in this country.

I would like to wish you all the best for the year ahead and want to sincerely thank the people of the Western Cape for such incredible support and allowing us to be a part of your family’s story.


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