COVID-19 – Responsibility and Compassion

COVID-19 - Responsibility and Compassion | Let's Talk Cape Town | Tyson Properties

To all our friends, family, colleagues in the industry and of course our clients that have put their trust in us to facilitate their property needs. We would like to send you this message in response to how Tyson properties will be dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

We as a company are taking responsibility to stop COVID-19. We are taking a serious approach to completely limit all aspects of our business that involve potential contact and spread of the virus.

We are using this opportunity to harness the innovation that we have been working so hard to develop over the past few years. We believe we have the best technology that will continue to allow us to sell property through digital platforms online.

We as a company have taken the approach to assist the less fortunate people in our communities, to help educate them, and assist them to make the necessary precautions.

It is all of our responsibilities to protect the vulnerable that will be most affected through this challenging time. We need to replace fear and panic, with responsibility and compassion.

Our clients and our staff know we are equipped for this challenge. With love and faith, we believe we can equip others.

Patience and fortitude will be the wisdom of our time.

Nick Pearson – Regional Director Western Cape

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