Durbanville: Your Perfect Balance of Scenic Beauty and Urban Convenience

Located in the heart of the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, Durbanville is a suburb that seamlessly blends South African history, stunning natural beauty, and modern-day amenities, making it a highly desirable place to call home.

What sets Durbanville apart is its advantageous positioning. It resides within easy reach of both the Cape Town International Airport and the dynamic Cape Town city center, providing a perfect balance for those who commute yet crave a tranquil suburban lifestyle. Durbanville is a haven of serenity, its boundaries touched by verdant vineyards and expansive farmlands, creating a unique atmosphere of calm amidst the energetic pace of city life.


Durbanville is a hub for quality education, housing some of the top schools in the country. Schools like Durbanville Primary, Durbanville High School, Reddam House and the Curro Private School provide excellent education opportunities right at your doorstep.

Photo credit:  Reddam House Durbanville

The suburb is also renowned for its entertainment and recreational activities. For nature enthusiasts, the Durbanville Nature Reserve is a local gem with abundant flora and fauna, providing the perfect setting for family picnics and peaceful walks. The Majik Forest and the Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club cater to cyclists with their extensive trail network, offering an exhilarating experience for both novice and seasoned cyclists. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a round at the Durbanville Golf Club, known as the ‘Jewel of the North,’ featuring an immaculate course with picturesque views.

Photo credit:  Chris Hitchcock

Security is a top priority for residents in Durbanville. The area boasts numerous secure estates like Clara Anna Fontein and Graanendal, offering not only top-notch security but also luxurious living options. These estates are well-designed, providing a perfect balance between privacy and community living.

When it comes to property, Durbanville is a real estate haven. From compact, modern apartments perfect for young professionals, to sprawling family homes, and luxury estates, there is something for everyone. As of 2023, property prices in Durbanville range from R1.5 million for an entry-level apartment, to over R10 million for luxury homes in exclusive estates. The robust real estate market coupled with the area’s attractive offerings makes investing in Durbanville a wise decision.

Durbanville also hosts a thriving local business sector, including an array of shops, restaurants, and cafes. The Tyger Valley Centre and Willowbridge Shopping Centre cater to all your retail needs, while the local farmer’s market offers a taste of the region’s fresh produce. For wine connoisseurs, Durbanville is home to the renowned Durbanville Wine Valley, featuring twelve of the Cape’s top vineyards.

In conclusion, Durbanville is more than just a suburb; it’s a lifestyle offering a perfect blend of historical charm, modern amenities, and natural beauty. Whether you’re a nature lover, cyclist, golf enthusiast, or a family-focused individual, Durbanville is a place where you can create a home that caters to all your needs. And at Tyson Properties, we are here to guide you in finding your dream home in this beautiful suburb.

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