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A short tale from Tyson Properties Atlantic Seaboard agent Peter Simmons, on how he got his start in real estate, going from working with Pearson’s properties to being employed by Tyson Properties Western Cape Town headed up by Nicholas Pearson.

As you know, life has many twists and turns, and none more strange than mine.

In 1986, having sold my Interior Decorating business, I moved to Durban, and as a child I spent all my holidays there. It was also the home of my grandparents, and ultimately my father’s on his retirement. At that time, it was the place to be.

Once settled in my home, I was not sure what my next career move was going to be, when it was suggested, that I become a Real Estate agent. I was so impressed with a company called Pearson’s Estates that sold me my house, that I phoned them for an interview.

A Pearsons board hung outside a recently sold home

A few days later, I met the manager, gave him my background, and told him that I would be interested in selling houses especially with my background of decorating homes. A week later, I was told that I had the job, and could I start immediately.

A clipping from the “Natal Mercury’s Magazine Supplement.”

Pearson’s was then owned by three brothers. Russell, Chris and Nick. I was given an offer to purchase to peruse, a sole mandate form, shown my office, which I would share, and literally thrown in the deep end. Management very kindly gave me a list of buyers to work with. At that time, I also met Nick’s wife Jackie, and their son Nick (who was to become my future boss) who was then three years old.

A then 3 year old Nicholas Pearson

On my first day, an agent approached me, to inform me that he had a new release in Morningside, and would I be interested in viewing it. Without hesitation, I viewed the 3 bedroom home on the slopes of Morningside, and with this property in mind, I tried to match it to the buyers I had been given.

I made an appointment for the following day, and the buyer absolutely loved the home. He insisted on making an offer there and then on the property we had just viewed. We met at Pearson’s Estate offices. In those early days there were no computers or cell phones, and no one at the office after hours. I got myself into a panic and explained to the buyer, that I had just started as an agent the day before, and did not have time to even read the contract. The buyer was fully understanding, and between the two of us, we filled in the offer. At that time, the offer was only 3 pages long, and nothing compared to the offers we see today. The happy part was that with Chris Pearson’s assistance, the deal was closed. Beginners luck?

Seven years later I moved to Cape Town and continued with my property journey. Several years after that, I joined Sotheby’s International Realty. Two important events took place in my life.

Firstly, I met my current partner, Vivienne Gottlieb, who had recently moved back to Cape Town from Pretoria, having managed the Sotheby’s International Realty office there for many years. We came from different backgrounds and experiences, and have built a relationship based on trust, friendship and common goals.

Nick Pearson & his wife Sarah, with their two children.

Secondly, a very dynamic and motivated young man, Nick Pearson, working in our Western Seaboard office, visited our office and introduced himself to me. I told him about my working relationship with the Pearson’s in Durban, and he told me that was his family, and he was the little boy I had met.

Peter and his partner Viv Gottlieb pictures here with Nick Pearson and Michael Bester.

After five successful years at Sotheby’s, it was time to move on. I phoned Nick Pearson, who now headed up Tyson Properties in the Western Cape, for an interview. It was such an emotional reunion, and I felt I had come full circle with the Pearson family and its fabulous brand.

What a dynamic, enthusiastic and forward-thinking company. The agents feel they are part of a family that empowers their agents to deliver quality service at all times. It has been invigorating and inspiring to become part of this formidable Tyson team.

As we move forward in these uncertain times, I feel secure that Viv and I can assist our valued clients within the framework of Tyson Properties, which is so ably led by Nick Pearson and his amazing team of managers, administrators and marketers.

From the desk of Peter Simmons and Vivienne Gottlieb.

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