Luxury living on the West Coast with Kalvin Sutherland

Luxury living on the West Coast with Kalvin Sutherland | Let's Talk Cape Town | Tyson Properties

If you’re looking for a property practitioner with a unique approach to the profession, Let’s Talk. Having grown up in a household that essentially eats, sleeps, and breathes Real Estate, it’s no surprise that I decided to follow in my parent’s footsteps and join the Tyson Properties’ brand under Team Sutherland. With an extensive background in creative marketing and digital advertising, I plan to be at the forefront of the transformation happening within our industry. What does that mean? I’ll explain.

“The immovable property industry is changing rapidly”

It is evident that the immovable property industry is changing rapidly along with how buyers and sellers communicate with their brokers, leaving a gap for property practitioners who are consistent, proactive, and motivated. To ensure your investment sells and that a suitable price is achieved, your home needs to be marketed effectively and to the right audience with high-end photography, videography, and design being only a few of the factors to consider. That’s where we step in.

“Placing a large focus on various marketing channels”

Although building healthy relationships with our clients and providing them with an all-inclusive approach to buying and selling property along the Western Seaboard is our main objective, we operate with a secondary focus on our branding. Placing a large focus on various marketing channels from engaging social media to high-end print magazines has allowed us to stay ahead of our competition, and put your investment in the spotlight with both local and foreign purchasers. Remember, if you want your property to stand out, you’re going to need an area specialist who does the same.

Team Sutherland from Tyson Properties Western Seaboard

Team Sutherland have been operating along the Western Seaboard for a collective 35+ years, and as the newest member and partner to the team, it is my vision to keep steering the ship from strength to strength. To keep up with my Real Estate journey and other property news please follow Team Sutherland at Tyson Properties on Facebook & Instagram, or contact me on 067 708 2012 if you’d like me to assist you with the buying or selling of immovable property in our neighbourhood.

In the meantime, I encourage you to have a look at my latest Luxury Listing in Sunset Beach:

‘A 5-Star Beachfront Mansion, with 4 self-contained apartments overlooking Table Mountain and the sea. Luxury Living at its finest’.

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