How To Kickstart Your Real Estate Career In 4 Easy Steps

How To Kickstart Your Real Estate Career In 4 Easy Steps

If you live in South Africa, the chances are that you see a different real estate agent’s face around every corner. Have you ever stared at one of those and wondered: “Do I have what it takes?”

We share how to kickstart your real estate career in four steps.

Steps to Kickstarting Your Real Estate Career

1. Apply for an internship at a registered estate agency

To kick off a career in real estate, interning at an agency with a valid, up-to-date Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC) is a non-negotiable. This is issued by the official Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB).

To apply, a valid identity document is required for South African citizens. Those who are not citizens of South Africa should be able to present a valid passport and work permit.

2. Register with the EAAB

Upon employment, it’s expected of you to hold an intern fidelity fund certificate (FFC) for a minimum, uninterrupted period of 12 months. Completing a year-long internship is not only a prerequisite on paper but also provides the up and coming real estate agent with a solid foundation of experience from which to work.

3. Complete the NQF4 exam through an Accredited Provider

Congratulations! You’ve completed an internship and received a certificate of competence from Services SETA (the Services Sector Education and Training Authority). Now you must pass the NQF4 exam…

Although this qualification entails 1500 hours of study, 30% of which will take place in the classroom, there’s no need to worry. The independent nature of this course enables the intern agent to achieve success at their own pace while remaining within the allotted time frame. In the workplace, a logbook will also be maintained, ideally for one year.

The logbook will go hand-in-hand with a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) as a means of capturing the experience gained throughout the time of the internship to be reviewed.

4. Write and pass your PDE4

The Professional Designation Examination (PDE) is written with the EAAB when the internship has been completed. Successful submission of the logbook and PoE will enable the intern to take on the Professional Designation Examination for non-principal estate agents (PDE4).

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