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Top 5 Ways to Save Money While Moving

There are many ways to save money while moving into a new house. In this article, Tyson Properties highlights the top five ways to move when you’re on a budget.

1. Sell or Donate the Excess

Think like a minimalist to save money, time, and future effort while moving. Reassess your possessions and, should you no longer need certain items, sell or donate your extra belongings.

Items can easily be sold online or by hosting a yard sale before moving day. You can also donate larger or older items to shed some of your material load. Marie Kondo will be so proud!

2. Score Free Packing Materials

Instead of unnecessarily spending money on boxes, approach a local grocery store to see if they have any storage products you can reuse. This works out cheaper for you while also benefiting the environment.

3. Reuse Packing Materials or Use What You Have

You don’t need a thousand boxes! If you start the moving process early enough, you’ll be able to reuse crates and boxes once you’ve emptied them on the other side.

Or, to avoid wasting money on packing materials, get creative with what you already own! Use towels, cloths or T-shirts to separate plates and to wrap fragile items. Place items such as your television or kitchen appliances in their original packaging if you still have access to it.

H2: 4. Do it Yourself

Don’t hire people to pack up your house for you. Instead, plan ahead and pack systematically, in your own time, with your own hands. This saves you money and guarantees peace of mind since you can trust yourself with your own belongings.

However, should the workload prove too heavy, ask friends and family for help!

H2: 5. Move During the Week

Most people require moving services over weekends, especially near the month’s end. Movers may charge more during these busy times, so it’s worth considering moving in the week or at a more relaxed time of the month or year.

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