Top 5 Home Renovation Tips

Are you looking for home renovation tips to give your dwellings a makeover for your own enjoyment? Or do you perhaps want to increase your home’s resell value through a renovation? We share what you need to focus on to reap the rewards.

Our Top 5 Home Renovation Tips

1. First, Go Back to Basics

You can spend all the money in the world on shiny new fittings, but if your house is not functional, you have a bigger problem. Focus on the practical elements of the building, such as your roof and plumbing, before moving on to aesthetics

2. Focus on Your Kitchen

You might’ve heard that the kitchen is the heart of the house, and in the case of a renovation, it certainly applies. A renovated kitchen will make your home look so much better and increase the resell value – especially if you consider implementing energy-efficient appliances. Furthermore, a fresh coat of paint, new countertops, floors, and cupboards can make the world’s difference.

3. Don’t Overlook Your Bathrooms

Just like the kitchen, a renovated bathroom will significantly increase the value of your property. Swapping old, rusty fixtures with gleaming new ones, as well as a modern bathtub, double sink, and perhaps better lighting – it all adds up.

4. Instead of Adding Rooms, Create More Space

Open-plan homes are in demand. And breaking down one wall will be a lot more affordable than adding another room – and will make your space more appealing.


5. Consider Going Green and Off the Grid

The reality is that South Africans are fed up with our shaky electricity. The demand for solar panels continues to skyrocket as people want to go ‘off the grid’ or create a hybrid electricity backup option. If you invest in solar panels, your home’s value will, without a doubt, increase and be more attractive to potential buyers.

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