What to expect from Tyson Properties in 2020

What to expect from Tyson Properties in 2020 | Let's Talk Cape Town | Tyson Properties

As the first month of the year, 2020 draws to a close, we took the opportunity to chat to the sales managers of Tyson Properties Western Cape. They took this opportunity to share valuable insights and predictions for the year ahead, as well as the goals their respective teams have laid out.

Tyson Properties Western Seaboard.

Daniela Steckel – Managing Director Tyson Properties Western Seaboard.

“Tyson Properties Western Seaboard is aiming to become the number one market leader in the area within this year.

Our goal is to build the most unique, long-term relationships with all our clients and essentially allow for our reputation to be like no other. Our agents are pushing their limits daily to ensure we serve our clients with the best possible real estate assistance and we take great pride in what we do. This aspect of our business will continue to maximize every day.

We have set ourselves very high goals for this year and these include being the preferred real estate company along the Western Seaboard and to deliver our work with the highest ethical standards, honesty and enthusiasm not to mention the least.”

“we hope to reach R100 million and more in sales over a 30 day period this year and moving forward.”

“Our aim is to also grow closer as a team as we believe this is where the power lies. One of our primary goals is to exceed our best ever month comparing to 2019 we hope to reach R100 million and more in sales over a 30 day period this year and moving forward.

We are beyond excited for what this year holds! The market is already shifting in that sellers are being more realistic in terms of the asking prices of homes and buyers come better prepared on their home hunt!

We predict that our sales figures will drastically pick up over the next few summer months as more investors are reaching out understanding that there is no better place to invest than in this ever-growing market along the Western Seaboard.”

Tyson Properties Atlantic Seaboard

Neil Abernethy – Managing Partner/Sales and Rental Manager Tyson Properties Atlantic Seaboard.

“We have started the year with a massive focus on getting the basics right. Having come through the difficult market that was 2019 has afforded us the opportunity to take a look at our business and to focus on ensuring we offer our clients the best possible service. In this way, we will be in a position to expand and cover more key areas but ensuring the quality of service we offer does not suffer as a result.

This year we will be focusing on creating a positive narrative with regards to the property market and the way in which we operate within it. We want to grow our team further with targeted recruitment, we want to make sure we have the best individuals in key position to better service our client base.

We want the journey from “for sale/to let” to “sold/rented” be as enjoyable and hassle free as possible, making what can be an extremely stressful process pleasurable.”

“definite upswing in positive sentiment in the rental and sales market.”

“We have noticed a definite upswing in positive sentiment in the rental and sales market. There are currently a lot of buyers looking to take advantage of what is a very favorable market.

A lot of buyers were sitting on the sidelines in 2019 waiting to see what would happen with the market, savvy buyers have noticed that the market has bottomed out and we have now seen these buyers actively pursuing properties.

There now exists an opportunity for individuals who have always wanted to live on the Atlantic Seaboard to either purchase or rent due to the fact that prices have come down over the last 18 months.”

Tyson Properties Southern Suburbs

Tyson Properties southern suburbs beautiful offices situated in the heart of Constantia

Megan Milne- Southern Suburbs Sales Manager

“Tyson Properties provides our clients with unbeatable service, expertise and knowledge when it comes to sales & leasing of residential property. Our clients can expect continued service excellence, award-winning marketing strategies & a commitment not only from our Property Brokers but also from the company to ensuring all properties are sold for the highest price possible in the shortest time frame.

Our office is continuously expanding in order to provide clients in all areas with the Tyson Experience. (Stretching from Mowbray all the way down the South Peninsular). We will be focusing on key areas within Southern Suburbs – for sales & rentals.

Some goals for our office are:

· To continue to provide our clients with the best service they have ever experienced.

· To grow our abilities as individuals and as a team.

· To establish an unstoppable culture of absolute excellence

· And lastly to have a great year and enjoy ourselves!”

Liam Mally – Southern Suburbs Rental Manager

“The goals we have set for rentals are to be in the top 3 in terms of market share and to provide our clients with the best experience for both landlord and tenant.”

“to be in the top 3 in terms of market share, and to provide our clients with the best experience for both landlord and tenant.”

“The market for rentals seems to have stabilized with property prices not having a significant decrease outside of normal negotiations. We are positive that the rental market will have a slight increase during the course of the year, as we are noticing more prospective tenants still seeking homes in the high demand Southern Suburbs.”

Nick Pearson- Regional Director

“This year has already been off to a good start- there has been positive sentiment from the market and we strongly believe that there will be steady growth in the Western Cape when we go into Summer in 2020. It is still a good time to purchase properties.

Tyson Properties Southern Suburbs has been open since the 15th of August 2019 and we have already achieved record sales in some of the areas within our franchise. We are looking forward to another record-setting 2020!”

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