A Buyers Guide to Purchasing Your First Home

A Buyers Guide to Purchasing Your First Home | Let's Talk Cape Town | Tyson Properties

Property prices have dropped by 12%, with the cost of renting versus buying swinging very much in favour of buying. After an economically tumultuous 2019, followed by a pandemic-plagued 2020, property prices have dropped, and the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has brought down prime rates to 7% – the lowest level since 1973.

It’s a buyers’ market

South Africa is in a buyer’s market, creating opportunities for first-time homebuyers to snap up their dream home. First-time home buyers will have less difficulty qualifying for a home loan, especially for properties below R1m where no transfer duty is required. If you’re a first-time buyer looking to purchase a property while market conditions are in your favour, but are in the dark with what to expect, look at our first-time homebuyers guide to purchasing—not just your first home, but your dream home.

Assess your affordability

Buying a home is more than an investment. It’s a commitment. In other words, your income must be stable and sufficient to support the first-time bond. Your monthly bond repayment should not exceed 30% of your gross monthly income, so before you begin your property search, use an affordability calculator and get pre-qualified for a home loan. Using online tools to help estimate costs, including transfer costs and monthly repayments, will confirm the bond amount for which you will qualify.

Ensure your credit history is healthy—and pay a deposit!

It is always a good idea to clear as much debt as possible, such as your credit cards and retail accounts. If you want to better your chances of bond approval, ensure your credit report is healthy, and pay a deposit, as this will lower your bond payments.

Begin your house hunting adventure

A property specialist is a link between the seller and you, the buyer. They bring experience, expertise and negotiating skills to the table. A property specialist protects your interests—from giving you the first pick of listings to dealing with timely and stressful legal and financial issues, they play an essential role in guaranteeing the security of your investment.
R1,970,000 | Situated in trendy and vibrant Muizenberg, this outstanding apartment is amazingR1,899,001 | 3 bedroom entertainers dream in Parklands
R1,995,000 | Nicely located, top floor art deco apartment looking for new owner

You’ve found your dream home. What’s next?

When you’ve found the perfect home, you will be ready to make an Offer to Purchase and apply for a bond. This is where you compare multiple banks to get the best home loan offer, and once approved and signed, the bank will formally grant the loan and direct the bond attorney to register the bond.

However, this is a legal process that includes procedures, fees, duties, formalities and legalities that must be followed. As a result, a Transfer Attorney, Bond Attorney and Cancellation Attorney will enter the relationship. The bank selects a bond attorney to draw up documents for you to sign, and you will appoint a conveyancing/transfer attorney to transfer the property to your name.

The registration and transfer process can easily take up to three months to conclude, but once completed, your attorney will send all the paperwork to the Deeds Registry Office for verification. The bank will pay out the loan, and you will be the owner of your very first property. Exciting and easy, right!

Buying your first property is one of the most significant financial investments you’ll ever make, and if you’ve had your eye on a property for sale, there is no better opportunity than right now to snap it up, and Tyson Properties can help you through every step of this exciting venture. Ensuring that our clients are always 100% satisfied with their investments—we deliver the best results and returns possible.

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