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2022 has been an exciting year for Team Sierra, given their growth within new areas, as well as enjoying continued success in more traditional areas such as the Waterfront & De Waterkant.  

With a keen focus on their marketing, general visibility the team’s market share have seen excellent growth. This focus on the digital space has been fruitful, resulting in more online queries on active listings than ever before.  

Najma Abrahams
Tyson Properties Atlantic Seaboard

Joining the team as our resident rental agent is Najma Abrahams, who hails from the Southern Suburbs and has extensive experience within the travel and property industries. In just a short period of time, Najma has already made her mark, concluding several premium rentals with values well over R90 000 per month. Her professionalism and focus on service excellence make her perfect for her role as a rental expert within our neighbourhood.  

Sheldon Lubbe
Tyson Properties Atlantic Seaboard

Sheldon Lubbe, a leading agent throughout the Atlantic Seaboard is enjoying a ground-breaking year so far and has already built up quite a reputation with multiple sales in Greenpoint, Mouille Point, and equally in new developments so far in 2022. His success is a clear testament to Sheldon’s dogged determination and work ethic, pushing ahead when most would have given up.  

Celeste Davidson & Arthur Sierra

The partnership duo of Celeste Davidson & Arthur Sierra is proving to be an unstoppable combination in the Waterfront and Silo District. Celeste and Arthur have concluded several high-value sales in the area so far this year, often facing strong competition from rival agencies working in the area. With a faultless work ethic and a stringent focus on assisting buyers and sellers, watch this space for more exciting sales to come from this experienced duo!  

Driven by a multitude of factors the demand for real estate in the Western Cape is currently at an all-time high and showing no signs of slowing at all. Encouragingly this hive of activity in the market appears to be driven strongly by our local buyers. 

Comparable figures from 2021 vs 2022, reference Propstats.co.za:  

2021 (Rand Value of properties SOLD) – 1st January to 31st March  

  • De Waterkant R22, 885 000 – 00  
  • Green point R76, 289 000 – 00  
  • Three Anchor Bay R44, 165 000 – 00  
  • Mouille Point R56, 600 000 – 00  
  • Waterfront R112, 350 000 – 00

2022 (Rand Value of properties SOLD) – 1st January to 31st March  

  • De Waterkant R47, 195 000 – 00  
  • Green point R114, 195 000 – 00  
  • Three Anchor Bay R31, 400 000 – 00  
  • Mouille Point R133, 960 000 – 00  
  • Waterfront R147, 850 000 – 00  

“flood gates” to open for the remainder of 2022.

All areas have seen a drastic increase in sales coming into 2022. Team Sierra boasts over R120 million rands worth of sales within the first quarter of 2022 so far, team leader Arthur Sierra assures us that this is simply the beginning and that he fully expects the “flood gates” to open for the remainder of 2022.  

Outrageous views that are fit for a king. If you’re looking for a safe, secure investment, unique in every manner, worth holding onto, then this it.

Is now a good time to be buying? “Yes,” says Arthur who goes on to say, “It’s a great time to be buying as market prices are still lower than they have been for a long time, interest rates are still low, and even with an expected increase in interest rates, one can still buy or loan with much lower interest rates than we have had for at least 15 years.”  

A beautiful apartment set along the beachfront in Mouille Point Atlantic Seaboard to let.

Buying not on your radar just yet? Letting is a very popular option too, with many people moving from upcountry and wanting to experience the Cape Town lifestyle before purchasing. Letting affords you the opportunity of “testing” an area before securing your slice of heaven. With the current demand for residential rentals, prices have increased in our portfolio between 10 & 20%.  

Arthur Sierra
Tyson Properties Atlantic Seaboard

Looking to the remainder of the year we are looking forward to a very buoyant property market be it if you’re a seller or buyer.” Rental demand to increase in both short term and long-term rentals. There is a chance one might even see a shortage of property later in the year due to the increase in demand. Our goals as a team are to continue to deliver excellent service levels and provide good and proper professional advice to newcomers here in the Mother City. We want to be the only team offering a full, reliable and trustworthy service from rentals to sales within our areas of expertise.  

Looking to buy sell or rent? Get in touch with Team Sierra and let them help you find your new home.

Arthur Sierra – 072 087 7048

Celeste Davidson – 082 490 5459

Sheldon Lubbe – 079 883 9249

Najma Abrahams – 082 610 5275

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