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There are certain things to look out for when buying a property in the Western Cape to avoid future headaches and financial stress. So, before you decide to buy, take a look at these tips for viewing a property.

1. Foundational Faults

Since the property’s foundation is its most crucial feature, you should insist on a structural survey before purchasing. 

Simple ways to check for a faulty foundation include:

  • Scanning the floor and walls for cracks. The larger the cracks, the bigger the concern.
  • Checking the basement for signs of damage.
  • Inspecting door frames for misshapenness. If the doors don’t close properly, there may be a more significant foundational issue.

2. Water Damage and Dampness

Signs of poor drainage and water damage may include:

  • Pools of water
  • Water stains on the walls or ceiling
  • A bouncy bathroom floor
  • Puddles of water outside
  • Cracks in the floors or walls

Keep an eye out for patches of fresh paint, as this could be a sign that the property owners are trying to hide damp patches around the house.

3. The Neighbourhood

Remember buying a property means you’re also investing in that neighbourhood. If you notice worrying signs such as various boarded-up businesses or vacant homes, you might want to reconsider purchasing a property in the area. 

4. Electrical Wiring

Be on the lookout for exposed electrical wires, as this poses a threat to your safety. Rather than going in blind, have a professional electrician look the property over before sealing the deal.

5. Check the Outside

Ensure that cottages and other outbuildings are in good condition, there are no roof leaks, and that all floors, windows, and doors are proper and safe. Also, check the garage roof for leaks. Make sure that remote-controlled doors and gates are in good working order. Perimeter walls and fences should be sturdy and secure, and gates should open and close quickly.

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